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First Teacher: Janab Maulana Qari Asghar Ali Saheb(ra) Assistant and Khalifa-e-ajal late Shaikhul Islam Hazrath Maulana Syed Husain Ahahad Madni. Completed Hifz-e-Quraan at the age of 8 years and first recited at Barkundi, Assam to late hazrath Shikhul – Islam.

Began Arabic Education

As per the rules of darul uloom in those days, after completing 5 years of Farsi(Persian) syllabus started Arabic education from 19. Got admitted in darul Uloom Deoband in Patron and elder brother Hazrath Fida-e-millath(r.a) had called maulana waheed-uz-zaman keranavi(r.a) from delhi to Deoband just to educate Hazrath maulana syed Arshad madani in Arabic. Maulana Waheed-uz-zaman sahib trained him well in Arabic language and literature for almost 3 years. Then shaik Abdul Wahhab, Mahmood Abdul Wahhab too trained him. Perceived Arabic Language and literature from government of Egypt’s Commission. In the Mean time he was getting education from the teacher of Darul Uloom Deoband as per the syllabus of the time. Completed Daur-e-hadith in 1963 and was honoured with the certificate. His other teachers include Fakhrul Muhaddiseen Hazrath Maulana Syed Fakhruddin Muradabadi, Hazrath Shaikh-Ul-Adab was fiqqah maulana Aezaz Ali(r.a), Hazrath Shaikh-Ul-Maqoolath Allam, Muhammad Ibraheem Balyani(r.a), Hazrath Maulana Jaleel Keranavi, Khadim-E-Khar, Hazrath Shaikh-Ul-Hind(r.a) and Hazrath Maulana Akhtar Husain Deobandi to mention a few.

Baiyath and Sulook

After completing education, spent time in the path of sulook. Had Baiyath on the hands of brother Hazrath Fida-E-Millath and followed his instructions to proceed on this path. Since the Shaikhul Islam Hazrath Madani father had brought up in such a way at childhood , he learnt very fast and within a short period got baiyath and khilakath .To improvise more in tasawwuf and Ihsan , stayed in Madina-E-Mmunawwara for 14 months following the way of father and the brother . Spent more and more time regularly at Haram-E-Nabavi and his Sahaba and benefited spirituality of prophet(pbuh).

Continuation of Teaching

Started teaching at Bihar’s central institute “Jamia Qasimiya Gaya” from 1965.
On the instructions of Hazrath Maulana Syed Fakhruddin Saheb(r.a) Shaikhul Hadith Deoband, president Jamiath Ulema-E-Hind, appointed teacher at “jamia Qasimiya Madras Shahi, Muradabad in 1969. Impressed by a teaching and management capabilities of Maulana. The administrative members of madras Shahi, Muradabad, made him the convener in 1971 and vice principal in 1972. Fakhrul- Muhaddiseen Hazrath Maulana syed Fakhruddin Saheb (r.a) himself was the prinicipal at the time. On the invitation of committee members, took the lecturership in Darul Uloom Deoband during 1982. His total period of teaching hadith in both jamia Qasimiya Madras Shahi, Muradabad and Darul Uloom Deoband was nearly 43 Years.

He was vice principal (Education) Darul Uloom Deoband from 1987 to 1990 and Principal (Education) of Darul Uloom from 1996 to 2008. During the time of his administrative, he made the Hifz-o-Tajweed and primary Arabic to 4th year departments as modules and examples by untiring and continuous efforts.

Became member of working committee of Jamiath Ulema-e-Hind during July 1984. In 2006, after passing away of Hazrath Fida-e- Millath became President of Jamiath Ulema- e-Hind.

Books and Research

By Protecting the educational heritage of Shaikh-ul-Islam Hazrath Madani Nawwaz Allahu Marqaduhu, he started the first Hindi exegesis of Holy Quraan with the help of a Hindi Scholar. It was completed in two volumes in 1991. He published for the first time 722 pages two volumes “Aqaidul Farayid fi Takmeel Qaidush Sharait ma’aroof Ba Sharah Manzooma ibn-wahban” with his own research and investigation.

He collected the copy of famous 8th century Hijri’s researcher allama hafiz Badriddin Aini’s book “ Nakhbul Afkar fi Tanqeeeh Mabani Al Akhyar fi Sharah Ma’anial. Aasar from Egypts library and started publishing it with his own research and investigation. By the grace of God , thin has been completed in 11 bulky volumes. ( This was educational debt on Hanafi Scholars , which was completed with excellence for which he deserves the appreciation and applause by educational scholars and specially by the Ahnaf Fraternity.May Rabbe Kareem reward him for his efforts).

Alhamdulillah the second edition of this is being brought in 19 volumes under the able guidance of famous Islamic world scholar and expert in fiqrah-e-hanafi and muhaddia kabeer setteled in Madina Munawwara ( Zadanallahu sharfa wa Tazeema). Soon this will be available for the benefit of the intellectuals.

Shaikul Islam was Muslimeen hazrath Madani’s Nawwar Allahu Maraqaduhu autobiography “Naqsh-e-hayath” is available only in Urdu language till now. Hazrath Maulana Syed Arshad Madani is getting the honour of brining it in Arabic for the first time. Insha Allah It will be available very soon.

Likewise famous Hanafi Scholar and fiqiah of 9th century Hijri Allama Ibrahim ibn. Moosa Tarabalsi’s authentic book on Fiqqa Hanafi “ Al burhan fi Sharah Mawahibur Rahman” is being under the research work for the first time in the world by hazrath. Insha Allah this too will be available soon.

Educational and Public welfare Services

Established Madani Charitable Trust in1997. Under this he first arranged for contemporary education in religious atmosphere. Started a school in the name of Maulana Madani Memorial English medium school in Deoband for this purpose. Began Two centers of religious and contemporary education in peer zaadgan of gangwah and anbeetah in western Uttar Pradesh which include ITI with residential facilities.

Under the banner of this trust, madras and makatib have been established in for off places of specially Haryana, Punjab. Himachal Pradesh, Residential madras and makatib, and ITI in Punjab and construction of Masjids in backward and poverty ridden areas and other services are being done.

He travels throughout India and different places of the world where muslims live, on invitations to participate in educational gatherings, seminars and religious meetings. These specially include Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, United States of Amrica (USA), Panama, Barbados, Trinidad, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia etc. He is mentor and president of different Arabic madras and organizations of India.

After the unforeseen death of hazrath fida-e-millath, president of Jamiath Ulema-e-Hind, he was elected to this great post of president of the great and old organization Jamiath Ulema-e-Hind in February 2006. He is the real deserving person for this post as per his educational, religious, intellectual and other capabilities. One can say without any doubt that he is the right person.
May Allah prosper Jamiath Ulema-e-Hind by leaps and bounds under Maulana’s Able Leadership.


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